By Abdullah Muradoğlu :-

The regional countries signing deals with Israel to normalize relations are all without exception regimes that have no responsibility whatsoever in giving account to their people. Anwar al-Sadat, who signed the Camp David agreement with Israel in 1979 was at the head of the Egyptian military regime. Jordan, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain for their parts are governed by monarchs. In Sudan? The military heads the government there. And finally Saudi Arabia, which supports the deals with Israel, is also governed by a royal regime.

U.S. President Donald Trump has stated that the Saudis are waiting in line for their turn to sign on the dotted line with Tel Aviv. If Trump is re-elected on Nov. 3, the countries expected to normalize ties with Israel are also ruled by monarchs. Even if some of those countries have parliamentary systems, all important decisions are of course made by the kings and emirs. Each and every single one of them, as Trump says, are sustaining their presence through the military protection of the U.S.A. There is no doubt whatsoever that France assumes the same role for their former colonies that are currently ruled by military regimes.

It is a fact that the West doesn’t concern itself with the anti-public regimes of these regions. Cooperation with regimes that are not accountable to the public is both easier and more profitable. The West has a quid pro quo relationship with these states. As long as the West is happy with this exchange, the atrocities of these said regimes are being overlooked. As a matter of fact, it is not for nothing that the “International Criminal Court” is described as the “African Court” by Black African intellectuals. Because the International Criminal Court cannot go beyond punishing African rulers who don’t have any support or have fallen from grace.

Isn’t it telling that the regimes that signed normalization deals with Israel are remaining mum in the face of French President Emmanuel Macron’s insults against Islam? The UAE media, which is having a love affair with Israel, are publishing articles with headlines such as “With Love from Jerusalem,” as well as interviews in which Israelis convey their love for the Emirates. The UAE media is also covering tensions between France and Turkey, while keeping mum about Macron’s comments about Prophet Muhammad. They are trying to keep it off the radar. If we are to go further back, in the references to the tensions in the East Mediterranean it is also spoken of with pride that the UAE stood with France and Greece against Turkey.

The UAE virtually functions as a base for the activities of French capital in Africa. It is stated in official publications that around 600 French companies in the Emirates are operating in the Middle East and Africa. On the other hand, Emirati media constantly puts the strategic partnership of the Zayed regime with France on the agenda. The Emirati regime is rather fond of expressing their pride in the strategic partnership that has been ongoing with France since 1971.

The 12th session of the UAE-France Strategic Dialogue was held on June 20, 2020. In their joint declaration, information was given regarding the two countries’ 10-year plan. The communiqué highlighted that the strategic partnership that encompasses not only the field of military defense, but every field possible. It further stated that the Emirates would work hand-in-hand with France in the Middle East and Africa. On Sept.19 Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed stated on his Twitter account: “During a phone call with French President Emmanuel Macron, we discussed our strategic relationship and developing cooperation further. We also addressed important global issues of common interest, and our collective effort to support peace and stability in the region.”

I checked to see if young Prince bin Zayed said anything at all about his strategic partner Macron who has been insulting Islam with his statements and came up empty handed. There isn’t a peep out of other regimes that also struck so-called normalization deals with Israel either. In many Arab-Muslim countries, French products are being boycotted. However this has nothing to do with the regimes that signed deals with Tel Aviv. The Arab peoples are on one side and the tight circles of their regimes are on the other. I didn’t expect anything less.