The Prime MinisterBoris Johnson has pledged £50 million to help find new treatments for motor neurone disease (MND).

Writing in the Sunday Express, Boris Johnson says the funding will “transform the fight” against the disease, which he says “kills six people” in the UK every day.

His pledge comes after a campaign by the paper, along with a coalition of patients, campaigners and charities, to call for more investment into targeted MND research.

Mr Johnson wrote: “We cannot continue like this. So we are going to throw the full weight of government, industry and civil society behind a new British-led scientific mission to transform the fight against this devastating disease.

“And I believe we can do it.”

The Prime Minister said the funding would be used to “turbo-charge” the search for new therapies and drugs which could potentially improve the life chances of those who are diagnosed with the “cruel and debilitating” illness.

Mr Johnson added: “Together we can turn motor neurone disease from a terminal illness to a treatable condition, giving new hope to anyone diagnosed and to all their loved ones who care for them.”

Sally Light, chief executive of the MND Association, called the investment “game-changing”, writing in the Express: “It is no exaggeration to say that the funds the Government is today committing to targeted MND research will change lives and save lives.”